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Sometime, you may find that the IP address does not work. There are many causes of not working the default IP address. The common reason is block the IP address by firewall. If firewall identify the IP address as a suspicious address, then the address can be blocked by the firewall. From the firewall, you have to unblock the IP address and keep the IP address in the unblock list of the router. Now you can try to use the IP address and use ping command for checking the connection.

You should keep the login detail of the router in a note. In the login detail of the of router, you must keep default IP address and other thing like username and password. If you cannot remember the log in detail what you have used in the router or manual setup, you have to reset all of the setting from the router. When you press the router reset button, then all of the setting will go away and then you need to login again to put the setting. Then you have to use all default login detail for login and setup all of the settings.

You will not get more detail of the IP address 192.1680.1 from Google or any other websites. I hope, this article will be enough for you to know more about the IP address Now you can understand how to change an IP address and setup new IP address as well. However, you should read manual and follow instruction of the router. Then you can easily manage the device.